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Course Fee : $ 210.00

PAL (CFSC) Course

Sat August 24, 2024 till Sun August 25, 2024

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 353
57 Veteran's Way
Eganville, ON
K0J 1T0

Please take note,

Do not send emails other than EMT to, use This is a 2 day course 8AM to 5PM with a 1/2 hour lunch break at the Eganville Legion, 57 Veteran's Way. Cost $210.00, $230.00 if a book is required. PDF download is available under Forms and resources Payment by EMT to (no password required) Correspondence

A student handbook can be obtained from the instructor for this course at a cost of $20.00. Books can be purchased on the first day of class. You do NOT have to purchase a student handbook from us, but MUST have one for the course. Borrowed books or printed PDFs are accepted.

Students will require acceptable identification for the Canadian Firearms Safety Course.

The current list of acceptable photo ID for the student report and examination forms is as follows:

  • Any recognized government identification( Military, Ministry etc.)
  • Passport
  • Driver License
  • A letter from the bishop of the Mennonite community can also be accepted as identification
    (A copy of the letter shall be attached to the CAFC332 form for the student)

For students less than l6 years of age the following list of acceptable identification for the student report and examination forms are:

  • Birth Certificate and a valid School Photo ID
  • Birth Certificate and the Parent or Guardian acceptable government identification as per the FSESO Policy noted above.

BOTH sets of identification SHALL be entered on to the student report and examination form.

Students under the age of 18, MUST have the a consent form signed by a parent or guardian.
Download the consent form here

Contact Larry at 343-688-0042 for any questions about this course.

The following information will be required to proceed with your registration.

  • Student's age range is used to determine paperwork requirements and legal restrictions for some courses.

  • (Format, ###-###-####)

    Required in order to contact student for any changes in course detials.
    Use the following format for Phone numbers, ###-###-####

  • Required to send notifications and pre-course infomation.

  • By proceeding you are hereby agreeing to the attendance conditions, course conditions under the course information, listed costs, and refund policy stated on this page.

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The last step to completing your registration is sending the course fee to the instructor. Course fee can be paid with one of the following methods:

  1. E-transfer the course fee to When making an e-transfer, please include your name and ID number in the comments so your status can be properly updated. No password is required for sending E-transfers to
  2. Completing a cash payment prior to the course.
  3. Making alternate payment arrangements ahead of time with the instructor.

Till payment is completed and confirmed, you are not fully registered and someone else may take your seat as registrations are only completed with the course fee has been paid.

After the fee has been transfered, you can verify your course payment has been recieved and processed by checing our Student Status Check.

Any follow-up electronic correspondence should be sent to, as is only used for EMT.

Refund Policy

Course deposits may be refunded to the student under one of the following conditions.

  1. If the reserved seat can be filled with another student from a cancellation list or filled after removal of a student if no other seats were vacant prior to the student's removal;
  2. The course is cancelled by the instructor or rescheduled to a date that cannot be met by the student upon notice of the rescheduled course date; or
  3. The instructor fails to attend the course, or make alternate instruction arrangements for the course.