Welcome to huntinged.com

Our mission is to provide our students with quality firearm, bow and hunter education whie gaining knowledge and understanding. While providing a learning environment to obtain a PAL and/or  Ontario Outdoors card.

Services Provided:

Canadian Firearm Safety Course (PAL Course)

This is a 2 day course where you will learn about the different types of non-restricted firearms, safe handling, legalities associated with firearms, and firearms owner ship.

The course concludes with a written and practical test student must pass to obtain their PAL from the Canadian government.

Canadian Restricted Firearm Safety Course (Restricted PAL Course)

To legally own a restricted firearm in Canada you must have PAL certification.

This is a course which includes restricted firearm laws, restricted types of firearm and handing of restricted firearms. A student must have a valid PAL or have passed the PAL test in order to complete this course.

The course is completed after a student passes both a writing and practical test.

Hunter Education

We are no longer offering the Hunter Education Course, as the course is now avaiable online.

Please visit www.ohep.net to find an in-person course or to take the online course.